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At Customer First Computing, we believe that learning understanding about computers and computing will be of practical assistance to you in your day-to-day use of your computer system.

The following articles are provided in Adobe PDF format. You will require a PDF reader application to view these documents.

All about Backups
Analog Concepts in the Digital Arena
Browsing versus Surfing the Internet
Computers and Types
Data Files
Disk Images and Disk Imaging
External HD vs Backup HD
Fundamental Terminology
Have I been "pwnd"?
Laptops - What You Need to Know
Proactive vs Reactive
Safe Surfing
Static vs Dynamic
Time to Take Inventory
Computer Inventory Listing
Windows 7 and End of Support
Windows 10, version 1903
The Windows Recycle Bin: Differences
The Windows Operating Systems
Windows 10: Data Collection
Windows 10: The Update Process
Windows 10: Versioning and Updates

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