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At Customer First Computing, we believe that before you can begin to use a "thing" effectively - such as a computer, that what I refer to as, "a working knowledge of computers and computing", is required, and need-I-say, essential.

A "Working Knowledge"
Such a working knowledge of computers and computing will be of inestimable value to you in your day-to-day use of your computer system  - indeed if not reactively, but proactively. You can be assured that at some point in your use of a computer, you will experience both of these two facets of computer usage.

Writing Articles
Preparing and writing articles, as anyone who has done so can attest to - takes an incredible amount of time and effort! The content of a particular article must be written in a thorough, yet easy-to-understand, manner.

With this "thought" in mind, I will be making any-and-all articles available on a donation basis. The suggested amount of the donation will be entirely determined by you.

Once I have received your donation, you will then be sent an email with either an attachment or a link to the requested article.

Each of the articles will be provided in a PDF format. This PDF format is written in such a manner that permits the articles to printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper - for those that prefer to have a printed version of that particular text.

If you do opt to read the articles in the original PDF format, you will then require a PDF reader application to view these documents. Foxit Reader is my preferred choice.
• Note: All systems previously serviced by CFC will already have Foxit Reader installed.

Here is a listing of the currently available articles: Current Article Listing

"The Three Principles" article can be obtained here: The Three Principles

If you would like to support me by making a donation for a specific article, please send me an e-transfer with your donation and well as noting the specific title of the article that you would like sent to you.

Thank you so very much!