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Education and Tutoring Services

At Customer First Computing, I provide instruction in many various aspects of computers and computing.

Computer versus Computing
Many are unaware that there are distinct differences between the two terms, "computer" and "computing" and it is important to understand these differences. Very simply then:
• Computer: The physical hardware and often the software that accompanies that hardware.
Computing: The process of using a computer in day-to-day activities.

On-Site versus Remote
On-site refer to my going to your physical location. As travel-time is involved, so are the costs associated with travel. Any on-site services - whether "fixing or "tutoring", would be billed out at our normal service rate.

Remote, on the other hand, does not require travel-time. Therefore, certain rates can be adjusted accordingly.

About Remote Services
Since 2020, I have been providing support services via remote. Such services can be very beneficial in that such services can often be "immediate" and "less invasive", in that, I would not be required to be on-site. As mentioned, such services would permit a considerable reduction in the overall charge for such services.

Remote services to the computer itself will be billed-out at the normal service charge of $78.00 per hour. On the other hand, remote services for tutoring will be billed-out at the reduced service charge of $40.00 per hour - a $38.00 per hour saving!

About Tutoring
Due to the various activities that I am involved in - both professionally and personally, such involvement has provided me with a degree of proficiency that would not be made available otherwise. This simply means that I am able to offer a wide range of various support services.

Tutoring "Focus"
The primary focus of all of my instruction efforts is on the "Beginner" - or what might commonly be referred to as "neophytes". Though I may be of some assistance to those that might consider themselves as "intermediate", "advanced" users are simply well beyond the scope of my abilities.

For example such topics would include, and which are not limited to:

Computers and computing
• This area covers a wide range of topics. It would be best to contact me for details.
Software applications
• Microsoft Specific: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
General Web-site development
• html, css
• Both the Customer First Computing and Customer First Computing and Sentinel Music Studios Web-sites were designed and developed my myself.
• Batch files/cmd scripting [DOS, NirCmd]
Video production
• Using VSDC only: Link
• Note: VSDC is more-than-capable of producing some very high-end video output. I have personally used VSDC for producing various "Presentations" - wedding, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.
• Microsoft Paint and Microsoft PowerPoint
Backup and Restore
Using the Internet

File and Folder organization
• This is one of my particular specialties.
Digital Audio
• Digital Audio Workstations, Mixer-in-a-Box, Native Instrument Kontakt, MIDI, basic recording techniques, scoring [music, using Sibelius],

• Instruction in guitar – one-on-one, in person instruction only!
• Performing music in a Live Performance Environment
• Musical equipment purchasing
Using guitar amplification/simulation software
• For example: Scuffham S-Gear 3 and Overloud TH-U.

• For many years I was actively involved in bicycles and cycling, and for a time was the Senior Head Mechanic of all of the Caps' Bicycle Store locations. During my time with Cap's, I was actively involved in many of the triathlons – and was directly responsible for ensuring that all competitors’ bicycles were in proper working order.
• I am a Certified United State Cycling Federation mechanic [USCF] – and I do believe that I was first to be so in Canada!
• I was a certified bicycle frame builder and was licensed for use with Reynolds 531 and 753 chrome-moly tubing – only 1–of-3 in Canada at the time.

In closing…
I very much enjoy passing on to others hopefully, practical and enjoyable information - taught in such a manner that is both enjoyable and understandable. I look forward to be of service to you.

Please contact me for further information. Thank you for your time,